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Bit Banging SPI on 13192-Sard board

Discussion created by Andrew Devenport on Nov 9, 2006
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Hello all.
I am relatively new to all of this and have never interfaced with SPI.  I have an Analog Devices 360 degree inclinometer (ADIS16203) that I would like to interface with the 13192-SARD board from the Zigbee Eval Kit.  The microcontroller on the board is a MC9S08GT60.  From what I understand, the microcontroller has an SPI bus, but it is being occupied with the MC13192 radio.
The data sheet for the ADIS16203 mentions bit banging a SPI interface.  From my preliminary internet research, I need 3 output pins (CS/, DOUT, SCLK) and 1 input pin (DIN) available to do this.  Fortunately there are 13 pins available on a header (J105) that I can control in software, but am not entirely sure what to do from here.
Are there any good resources about this topic for a newbie?
Thanks for any help!