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InterNiche Network Stack and UDP

Discussion created by Kyle Ludwig on Nov 9, 2006
Latest reply on Nov 20, 2006 by B. Pfaendler
Hi there
I have been playing around with the M52233DEMO board and InterNiche's network stack and have encountered a few problems with NicheTask.
I have a simple application in mind that I have been battling to complete. I want to modify the existing ColdFire Lite project (webserver) to include a task which sends a single UDP packet containing some string and then idles. My code is as follows:
In the function create_apptasks()--
  e = TK_NEWTASK(&kel_udp_task);   if (e != 0)   {      dprintf("udp task create error\n" );      panic("create_apptasks" );      return -1;  // compiler warnings    }

I have declared the task Object--
TK_OBJECT(to_keludpclient);TK_ENTRY(tk_keludpclient);struct inet_taskinfo kel_udp_task={ &to_keludpclient,
                                   "KEL UDP Client",                                    tk_keludpclient,
                                   APP_STACK_SIZE                                  };

My task code is as follows--
TK_ENTRY(tk_keludpclient){   int e, i=0;   char data[]="heres a thing!";   void * event;   e=0;   while (!iniche_net_ready)      TK_SLEEP(1);      for (;;)   {            while (!iniche_net_ready)        TK_SLEEP(1);      i++;      if (i==1)      {        e=kel_send_udp(data, 14, 0xC0010395, 3490, 3490);      }            tk_yield();      if (net_system_exit)        break;   }   TK_RETURN_OK();}int kel_send_udp(char *data, int datalen, ip_addr destip, u_short lport, u_short fport){  PACKET data_pkt;  int e;  void * event;    data_pkt=udp_alloc(datalen,0);  tk_yield();  if (!data_pkt)    printf("trouble allocating packet" );  data_pkt->nb_prot =data;  data_pkt->nb_plen =datalen;  data_pkt->fhost   =destip;  e=udp_send(fport, lport, data_pkt);  tk_yield();  //************  //this only works if I add in tk_exit at this point  //tk_exit();  //************  udp_free(data_pkt);  tk_yield();  return e;}

Using the code as is, the MCF52233 boots up and sends a UDP packet as expected, but then hangs. The Serial port output stops at--
Calling netmain()...
InterNiche ColdFireLite TCP/
The only way I get it to work without hanging is when I add tk_exit() after I call the udp_send function. Why is this? How do I make the task run properly without having to kill it?