Skip Ahearn

NE64 MCHASH EMAC CRC calculation

Discussion created by Skip Ahearn on Nov 9, 2006
Latest reply on Jan 31, 2007 by Stelios Bourazanis
I am working with the EMAC on the MC9S12NE64 16 bit processor and am trying to define a multicast filter via the MCHASH registers.  All the documentation I have found says to use th 32-bit CRC generator and selecting the 6 most significant bits ...
The problem is that I can find MANY 32-bit CRC calculations on the web.  Can anyone help me find the correct CRC calcuation?
A little background:  I am communicating (successfully) via the network using broadcast messages and multicast messages.  I would like to filter all but a couple multicast groups out.
Thanks in advance!