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Support for OSBDM Incorporated into CodeWarrior

Question asked by Michael Rhoades Employee on Nov 8, 2006
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CodeWarrior 5.1 is being upgraded to directly support flash programming and debugging using the Open Source BDM (OSBDM08) for the S08 family. Until now, users of the OSBDM08 pod had to manually add the connection during their debugging session. With the release of the CodeWarrior OSBDM service pack, the OSBDM is now available in the selection of connections built into CodeWarrior.


The original OSBDM08 only supported flash programming for a limited number of S08 microcontroller derivatives. The service pack now expands the S08 microcontrollers that can be programmed with the OSBDM08 to include all S08’s currently supported by CodeWarrior 5.1. And future S08 derivatives will be immediately supported when the derivative service pack is released.


The new OSBDM connection in CodeWarrior 5.1 also supports the EValue8 demo board. This low cost tool contains an upgraded OSBDM interface that adds hardware to support programming the RS08 microcontrollers.


In order to use this new service pack, a new version of OSBDM firmware must be installed. The firmware is included in this post and should be programmed into the 908JB16 of your pod. This firmware can be installed on the OSBDM08 hardware that has previously been posted in the 8-bit MCU Forum Downloads or on the EValue8 hardware for the RS08. 


The method for upgrading the firmware of the OSBDM08 pod is outlined in the OSBDM08 manual included in the original download. The method for upgrading the firmware of the EValue8 hardware was in the documentation accompanying that product. For your convenience, all relevant materials and documents for upgrading the firmware in both BDM pods is duplicated in the download for the new firmware. This download can be found with this message.


The OSBDM service pack for CodeWarrior 5.1 can be found at the link Updates and Patches - CodeWarrior for HC08 at


Firmware Upgrade for CW OSBDM


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