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Debugging on Two Sets of Symbols Simultaneously

Discussion created by Leo Schwab on Nov 6, 2006
Latest reply on Nov 13, 2006 by Leo Schwab
I have an application that makes use of a "link library" that is loaded as a binary blob (.S19 file). However, as I wrote both the app and the link library, I have access to the library's symbols.

I need to debug both the application and the library. I'm aware that I can load the library's symbols, either using:

LOADSYMBOLS "library.abs"

Or via:

LOAD "library.abs" SYMBOLSONLY

However, when I do this, the symbols for the app are discarded. Likewise, when I reload the symbols for the app, the library symbols are discarded. I *could* ping-pong back and forth, but that would s*ck. Is there a way I can keep both sets of symbols around at the same time?