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security and emulation writes to flash

Discussion created by Jim Pantera on Nov 6, 2006
Latest reply on Nov 12, 2006 by David Payne
reference the mc9s08rd32dwe processor

while using a commerical programmer production has security locked the processor by setting the flash register NVOPT/SEC01:smileyfrustrated:EC00 = 1:0 later at power up NVOPT gets copied to FOPT and the processor is locked. for a situation that emulation will need to write to a random flash page the processor is now locked and the write will not happen.

i need to use the backdoor, i dont know which page emulation will write to and assume all pages will be protected.

can you guys verify my fix would entail:
-i need to add code to use the NVBACKKEY register(s) the security backdoor.
-i know i need to write to NVBACKKEY[0] through NVBACKKEY[7] in order from emulation but DO I NEED TO DO THIS FROM RAM NOT FLASH!!
-can i do the writes using Clanguage like the code:
NVBACKKEY[0] = Secret[0];
NVBACKKEY[1] = Secret[1];
NVBACKKEY[2] = Secret[2];
NVBACKKEY[3] = Secret[3];
NVBACKKEY[4] = Secret[4];
NVBACKKEY[5] = Secret[5];
NVBACKKEY[6] = Secret[6];
NVBACKKEY[7] = Secret[7];
-is there ram based assy code already existing that i could use??