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Processor Expert 56f8xx - Where do I get a proper guide?

Discussion created by Ken Macfarlane on Nov 6, 2006
Latest reply on Nov 8, 2006 by Processor Expert
I can't find a guide to PE other than a very basic one. If for example, under OS_TIMER, I wanted to know what PE means by "Bean uses entire timer", where would I find that info? The Unis helpfile only says this on the topic:
"Bean uses entire timer - The bean can use every subsystem of the timer, more actions may be done by HW instead of SW but no other bean can share the timer."
So is that the best that I'm going to get?
e.g. this explanation doesn't say what the downside is to letting two beans share the timer..Does the timer interval have to be set up to have a common submultiple of both beans' periods? Does that mean lots of interrupt traffic, mostly doing nothing?
Perhaps I'm supposed to trust that my processor has so much spare capacity that it can handle such distractions?