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Error L1822_ZigBee_StarNetworkApp

Question asked by Jiri Janaceek on Nov 6, 2006
Latest reply on Nov 6, 2006 by Jiri Janaceek
Hello warriors,

I have a little problem with CodeWarrior HC(S)08 3.1 Special Editon. I want to choose any files of project - some for Target1, some for Target2,... So I´m trying touch and untouch (red mark) them, but I can select only all files or nothing
Please, can You anyone help me??? Is it possible in Special Edition?!?

Anothet (more important) problem is that I had to change Freescale project of ZigBee application - there´re more than 32 files in project (Special Edition is limiting on this number of files). So I removed header files and I have right access paths in Target Settings , I believe :-(*) But the´re many L1822 Link Error - it´s saying: Symbol (it´s variable, usually). But undefined (as CodeWarrior says) variables are in the C-source or header files which are "mapped" in Access paths... Is it possible core of problem bad order of files in link order (it´s job of CodeWarrior, isn´t)?!?

Thank You for any answer,