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Transform a DEMO9S12NE64 into a powerful Ethernet based BDM programmer

Discussion created by Mark Butcher on Nov 5, 2006
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Hi All

It is a goal that I set myself sometime ago and finally I can proudly present a first version of a BDM for the M9S12NE64.

In fact it’s not a BDM as such because it is a guide and a software package which allows anyone with a DEMO9S12NE64 (or other demo/eval board) to simply convert it into a powerful Ethernet based BDM programming tool. The main interest being to allow a simple transfer from the stage as developer with the DEMO9S12NE64 – where programming and debugging is performed often using the pre-installed Freescale™ Serial Monitor – to your own boards requiring a BDM to program application software or the Serial Monitor.

I built myself a BDM a long time ago so that I could program fresh devices as an experiment and I have now finally found some time to get it into a form which will be useful for anyone wanting or needing such a tool. It is reliable and easy to use. It uses and demonstrates some features of the uTasker operating system and TCP/IP stack since it is based on it

It is now available as a guide with software kit. Simply build a 3-wire cable to attach the DEMO9S12NE64 to a target, load the software and start programming over the network. I hope that you find it of great use – it is offered free and can be downloaded from the uTasker web site. Find it under “Projects and Application Notes” here:

If you try it please tell me how you get on and what you think of this first version.


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