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Newbie for codewarrior, how to setup a project and add existed file to the new project.

Question asked by xin fan on Nov 5, 2006
Latest reply on Nov 10, 2006 by xin fan
Hello everyone,
I have some source files and header files, *.c, *.h, *.s, *.ch and makefile. I want to setup a example project. After i setup a project for MCF5206e, i remove the automade files and add my file to the project. I didnt import the makefile i used default setting. When i build the project i got a lot of wrong.
I read the help and find that there is a wizard for import makefile, but i didnt fint it.
I want to know how can make my project and how can import my makefile.
Can anybody help me?
Thanks a lot