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how to connect sram to mcs9d64

Discussion created by Emil Bartczak on Nov 2, 2006
Latest reply on Nov 3, 2006 by Emil Bartczak
Hello I have the problem to connect SRAM memory to uC mcs9d64. I read datasheet of this uC and saw that he has external multiplexed bus. I think that I know how to connect that SRAM. But I programed only 8051 where there are two areas of memory: data and program memory. And when I wanted to write or read data to/From external memory I used command 'movx' . But this uC has one area for program and data memory so I don't know how to write code which will read/write the data from/to external SRAM. This SRAM is only for data and the program memory must be in internal FLASH. Anyone has experience in that case I would help me? I'm sorry for my English but this is not my native language.

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