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HCS12 CW3,1 debugger not able to continue after breakpoint-seems to reset. COP???

Question asked by Anders Johansson on Nov 1, 2006
Latest reply on Nov 1, 2006 by Daniel Lundin


I use HCS12 CW 3.1 and Processor Expert 2.95.

I also use the WatchDog bean.
It is auto initialized at startup by PE code.

While debugging I have problems with the processor restarting after
having stopped it to inspect memory, registers etc.

I have tried to enable the cpu bean "BDM Debug Support",
and setting the "Stop COP and RTI in Active BDM mode" to YES,
which does not help.

I have also attempted to disable the WatchDog bean.
Since the beans "Enable in ini. code" option is always greyed
I have not managed to do this.
The entire bean can be disabled but then my code breaks since the
WD code is no longer generated.

Q1: Why does it not help to "Stop COP and RTI in Active BDM mode"?
Q2: How can I temporarily disable the WatchDog bean?
Q3: What is the corect way to make sure the debugger can be started
   and stopped without causing any disruptions in the cpu internals?
Q4: Is there anything else I might be doing wrong,
   since I cannot "continue"" after stopping at a breakpoint.