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MCF5213  UART Scrams -- Also is tech support on a holiday??

Discussion created by Jame Daugherty on Oct 31, 2006
Latest reply on Nov 3, 2006 by Nouchi
This is the message that I sent to tech support 5 days ago (10/26/06).  I have not been assigned anyone to at least answer acknowledge this problem.  I have been told that other compiler error that I found may be rectified in version. It better the problem is that while loops have a problem changing values that they shouldn't.   That could be a major problem with the three projects that I am working on.   I think that we should be able to at least look at a bug list of codewarrior problems so we can make sure they don't jump up and bite someone in the a??.  
My Current Problem is the following.
While UART(0) is outputting I am looking for a kyeboard input on UART(0) to change to the next calibration routine. During this period the program scrams and leave the program in an error loop. (Output: Registered #5) I don't know what causes it all the routines are very very basic. I have included a project that has everything needed to cause this problem.

The value comes from the asm exception handler.  Registered #5 IS NOT MUCH information to go on.  Anyone else have this problem let me know.   I will owe you a dinner.

Just enter the key '?' a few time and it will scram.

I made a video of what happens. 
Codewarrior 6.3 build 14
CPU set to 64Mhz
Baud Rate 9600