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Software interrupt trigger source

Discussion created by Ramesh Kumar Palanisamy on Oct 30, 2006
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Dear All,  
I have developed (C program) the software interrupt ISR routine, I mapped with Level 0 evrything is fine. I want to invoke this ISR in different places of my software under certain conditions. I am thinking that,  there should be a special way to invoke this interrupt. Instead of calling that function. Like IAR (Interrupt Assert register) register is there for testing interrupts. In case of Keil IDE TRAP functions with trap number is used  to invoke software interrupt. Likewise what instruction that will invoke my ISR , wherever i want to execute. Or i can simply call that function wherever i want.
Moreover, #pragma interrupt preprocessor directive usage or functionality.
What is the difference of difining of the follwoing:
#pragma interrupt called
#pragma interrupt
static void unhandledInterrupt(void);
#define INT_VECTOR_ADDR_17                  Mcu_lossOfClockInterrupt
void Mcu_lossOfClockInterrupt(void);
#define INT_VECTOR_ADDR_16                sTaskController_manageContext
void INT_VECTOR_ADDR_16 ( void );
#pragma interrupt off
#pragma interrupt saveall
 void sTaskController_manageContext(void)
/* I beleive this is an software generated interrupt, I want to invoke this interrupt under certain conditions in various places of my code*/

Thanks in advance.