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Developing E-field touch panel to simulate window mouse

Discussion created by Markel Robregado on Oct 30, 2006
Latest reply on Nov 4, 2006 by Markel Robregado
Hello guys,
    Im helping out my sister's group develop a touch panel similar to "SMART BOARD"
and simulate window cursor functions
   Initial prototype ill develop a small one the size of a serving tray, but will develop it
to about 3ftx4ft
   There are several schematics but this is my reference the grid design by mr bruce pride
2 e-field chips(X and Y)
   however i couldnt find any solid datasheet pertaining to the microcontroller used
   MC68HC908QY4T, maybe this is obsolete
   so we were referred to MC68HC908QB8, which has lots of reference . at first
 I thought ABCD pins of e-field are analog pins. creating lots of problems because
 weve already requested for the samples and i ran out of A/D pins in my initial design
 good thing i was wrong
 First stage of development I think i can handle it. But if i enlarge the panel board to
 3ftx4ft. i have no idea what's the best method to approach this. If you guys have
 some suggestions ill gladly appreciate it.
thank you,