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Alternative IDE for ColdFires

Discussion created by ricardo ricardo on Oct 27, 2006
Latest reply on May 29, 2010 by John Tse
ColdFire guys .. :smileyhappy:
We  have used HC12/HC08 for years and its Codewarrior+debugger have showed us as a very nice and practical option.
We are migrating several of these designs to ColdFire V2.
After start it, we got very disappointed to CodeWarrior/debugger, once the debugger inside CodeWarrior is very not practical... poor offacilities to debug.
We don´t use OS, just C pure enviroment.
Could someone indicate us an alternative solution for debugger?
Freescale / Metrowerks
We write here our hopes you can improve (significantly...)  Codewarrior IDE for ColdFires with the same strong competence you made CW for HC-9S12/08.
Ricardo Raupp