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How to use src code with on-chip register data type definitions that differ from rest of project

Question asked by Anders Johansson on Oct 25, 2006
Latest reply on Oct 31, 2006 by CrasyCat
I am trying to use code from AN2720, designed for use with HCS12 stationery,
and its header files, but my project is based on Processor Expert and its header files.
This means that datatypes, in this case flash memory data types, are not recognized
by my PE based datatypes.
I have imported som stationery headers and finally managed to compile correctly,
but the linker protests since I am trying to overlay my flash register on memory space
already defined by PE, at 0x100 + REG_BASE)
Q1. What is needed to locate a variable of one datatype at the same adress as another?
Q2. What is the best and correct way to use HCS12 stationery based sw, in a otherwise PE based environment?
Anders J
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