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Coldfire: malloc does not work properly

Discussion created by Peter Jungreuthmayer on Oct 24, 2006
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Hi all,
maybe an experienced CodeWarrior user could help me.
My system mainly consists of Coldfire MCF5207 and 64-MBit SDRAM (size 0x800000 at 0x40000000).
The xmap-file of my project reports:
#>40060210          ___heap_addr (linker command file)
#>0079FD00          ___heap_size (linker command file)
This should be ok.

When I allocate memory I get the following results:
 malloc(0x800000): 0x00000000
This is ok because the requested memory is greater than ___heap_size.

But when I try to allocate a bit less memory several times I get more memory than I have:
 malloc(0x700000): 0x400e8990 .. ok
 malloc(0x700000): 0x407e8998 .. not ok
 malloc(0x700000): 0x40ee89a0 .. not ok
 malloc(0x700000): 0x415e89a8 .. not ok
 malloc(0x700000): 0x               .. system locks

Once allocated memory can be freed without problems.

I have the following files linked to my application:
Is there anything I have missed (some kind of heap initialisation)?
Maybe somebody has a hint.

Best Regards

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