Oroitz Elgezabal

Newbie question about "Serial communication with MC9S12HC32"

Discussion created by Oroitz Elgezabal on Oct 24, 2006
Latest reply on Dec 4, 2007 by Srikrishna Jana
I'm working with a MC9S12C32 and I'm trying to communicate the MCU with the PC using the SCI port. I have read the application note AN1774 and I have succeed sending a byte and reading a byte using the serial port.
Now I would like to use the printf() function and the rest of the functions from the stdio.h file, since as I have read in the application note, there is a specific function used to send all the bytes contained in the "SCIstring".
I have tried something, but it doesn't work. Can anyone send me a copy of a working program in which those functions (those contained in stdio.h file) are used? Or can anyone tall me how can I do that?
THX in advance