MaryEllen McLaughlin

Unpredictable Math -- Can't Divide Long Ints???

Discussion created by MaryEllen McLaughlin on Oct 23, 2006
Latest reply on Oct 25, 2006 by Wendi Whitcomb
This is making me insane.  I am trying to divide a long by a constant and I can't get the compiler to do it.
unsigned int do_math(ulong long_speed)
 ulong pulsetime = (long_speed/1000L);
  pulsetime = (1000L/pulsetime);
 pulsetime /= DEF_INT_RATE;  // interupt rate
  return  (uint)pulsetime;
If the value of long_speed = 5000L, the first equation results  in pulsetime = 968.  Since when does 5000/1000 = 968???.  What can I do to get the math to work?  I already tried doubling the stack.
I tried making the 1000 1000.0.  I tried way too many things just to get a very simple division to work.
Does anyone have a clue?  Is there a codewarrior compiler guru out there?