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Coldfire: Simple Assembly in Code Warrior

Discussion created by Nathan Huntoon on Oct 20, 2006
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Hello, I'm a new user of Code Warrior and I am having difficulty getting started. I am an instructor at a university, and we are starting a lab that uses the Coldfire processor in a development board in our Computer Architechture course. I want to have the students develop code that utilizes specific things on the processors, like the Random Number Generator, or the Ethernet Port directly so they get a feel for the inner workings of the processor. Obviously, assembly is a much better tool for learning the guts of a system than C. In previous classes we used the MC68332 chip and the students wrote thier code in a text editor, then used a dBug 'OS' on the boards for debugging. This took a lot of time, and was not a good solution. The Code Warrior IDE I think will help alleviate a lot of the simple time wasted finding coding errors, and let them focus more on getting inside the chip itself. Here's my problem. I can't see how to create a simple project that only takes assembly code, compiles it, and allows you to debug. I'm sure it's possible, but after going through the online tutorial, reading as much of the Help as I could stand, I don't see how to do it.

I have tried writing a


inside a main c page, but it didn't compile are run. And when I tried to debug it, it gave me all kinds of garbage in the Stack, wouldn't let me track variables, or even set breakpoints. Any suggestions would be great. One more note, most of my students are not C programmers, they are EE majors, and have more experience working with hardware than software. That's another reason I prefer assembly. I can get them coding in assembly much quicker than C or CPP.



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