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HC08: object-file location

Question asked by Christian Ening on Oct 20, 2006
Latest reply on Oct 20, 2006 by Christian Ening
I'm using CodeWarrior for my HC08-projects.
I'd like the compiler to place the object-files into a local directory outside the project directory (which is on a network drive).
The project directory contains some .ini-files (e.g. HC08_Full_Chip_Simulator.ini) with an entry "OBJPATH={Project}bin". But this entry is ignored.
The object-files are always created in <project>\<project_name>_Data\Standard\ObjectCode.
If I use compiler "Command Line Arguments" "-ObjN=c:\temp\%n.o" then I get a warning:
"Ignoring old option content 'c:\temp\%n.o' because of second one 'Z:\Projects\HC08test01\HC08test01_Data\Standard\ObjectCode\man.c.o'"
I can not find where this second one is set and how to change or disable it.
Trying to use the compiler command line argument -Env"OBJPATH=c:\temp\" leads to no result either, it seems to be ignored.

Can anybody help me?

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