Salvador Saucedo-Flores

Why is the stop3 condition on the S08QG8 so elusive?

Discussion created by Salvador Saucedo-Flores on Oct 19, 2006
Latest reply on Oct 20, 2006 by Tony Papadimitriou
We are still having trouble with our CW & PE development of the battery supported application because we do not know, clean and clear, how to get the low power regime the application is intended to work with. We need to wake up the device with a KBI interrupt but the sad truth is that sometimes that wake up does not occurr at all, and sometimes it seems the clocks are disturbed after the wake up. What are the real factors to work with stop3? What modules may work after leaving the condition? What is the effect the pull ups produce? We need to program it using assembly instead? Are 65 microAmps a good consumption in stop3? May we use an interrupt from a timer after the wake up?