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COP & Clock Monitor Question >> 3 days left to submit final product >> Please HELP

Discussion created by Sujith Nair on Oct 15, 2006
Latest reply on Oct 16, 2006 by Daniel Malik

I am using HCS12DP512 and Codewarrior 4.5.


1. I have enabled COP, and it resets or stops the microcontroller when the counter runs out when I am connected via P&E BDM, but does not restart the microcontroller and start execution of the code from begining after reset? How can I get it to restart/reset the controller and begin execution of the code from begining again?

2. When not connected via P&E BDM (stand alone), it does not reset/stop the controller itself, its as if COP is not running?

Clock Monitor:

In case of a clock faliure, I would want the controller to reset itself. I have enable CME and set SCME to 0 (so that it does not self clock and only reset the controller). I don't know how to test it as my clock is fine now, so am wondering if I need to do anything more that this.

Thanks a million for all the help.