M68DEMO908GD60, Low power and RS232

Discussion created by vga on Oct 13, 2006
Latest reply on Oct 13, 2006 by bigmac
I'm a new player on this field, so please excuse my newbie quiestions.
I have a M68DEMO908GB60 board and I'm writing an app that needs low power but still being able to response to commands through RS232 periodically.
After reading the documents it is my understanding that my only option is to use the 'wait' command and none of the stop modes?.
I think I have initilized all the I/o's correctly to what is needed and those not needed but still I'm seeing too much power usage in the +20ma region.
example I/o pins init port :
setReg8(PTBD, 0);
setReg8(PTBPE, 255);
setReg8(PTBDD, 0);
init code:
SOPT = 34;
SPMSC1 = 0;
SPMSC2 = 0;
ICGC1 = 60;
ICGC2 = 112;
I'm thinking that I must be forgetting something or tottally misunderstanding how I should set up the board before starting, So my question is, has anyone here done a similar thing and has some tips on  how I should set up this board to get absoulute minimum power usage at wait?