Mariusz Polanski

HCS08QD4  is unknown to the PE

Discussion created by Mariusz Polanski on Oct 12, 2006
Latest reply on Mar 30, 2007 by Nick Guzzardo
Hi Guys,
I have just received my HCS08QD4 chips and wanted to start a new project. CW5.1 let me select the chip, but the bean wizard does not offer this processor for selection. It just does not exist there.
On the other hand I read that it is pin and tool compatible with the HCS08QG8 but this one is also unknown to the PE :smileysad: .
Has anyone got any information if there is an update or workaround to this problem ?
Any help will be appreciated.
Regards, Yego
P.S. By the way, what do they exactly mean by "tool compatible" ?