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Wire GR8 For Real World Use?

Discussion created by Avery Zycherman on Oct 12, 2006
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I have a GR8 that I built a programmer for, loaded with code, and now I am ready to move it into its actual real home. I am having trouble figuring out how to wire it so that when it recieves voltage/turns on, it just jumps right into the program code thats on it.

Forgetting about where I/O is wired, I connected Vdd and Vss, Vdda and Vssa, and Vdda/ref and Vssa/ref to ground and voltage respectively. I have also connected OSC1 to my crystal which is 9.8304. Is there anythign else that should be wired?

Also I am communicating with the PC over SCI, and I have the two wires plugged directly into their respective ports on the chip, should they be going through a MAX232?

Thanks Guys!