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56F801X Serial bootloader

Question asked by HAI VU on Oct 11, 2006
Latest reply on Oct 19, 2006 by Marek Vinkler
Hi all!
I get confused about 56F801X Serial bootloader.
In the document regarding 56F801X Serial bootloader from Freescale (56F801xBLUG.pdf)
,they mention that " All 56F801X  families device are preprogrammed with the serial bootloader application"
So that means 56F801X families are already preprogrammed with the bootloader by the manufacture,and it's not nessesary to program 56F801X with bootloader code the first time and i can program it with my own application code directly by serial port ???
Really confused!
But Im pretty sure that 56F83xx families are not preprogrammed with bootloader application
Tks for any helps!