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NE64 w/OpenTCP: Ethernet compatibility problems?

Discussion created by Jeffrey Dungen on Oct 10, 2006
Latest reply on Oct 25, 2006 by Jeffrey Dungen
Hi Freescale Forum,

We're using the NE64 with OpenTCP. We have the following networking stuff running:


When we connect the NE64 to our network via a wired router, everything works fine. We can send and receive UDP packets and ping the NE64.

When we connect the NE64 to our network via an WiFi Ethernet Bridge, we are no longer able even to ping the NE64. The LNK, SPD and DUP leds come on on the NE64 side, but the ACT led doesn't come on for a long time and even then there's no communication.

Another device connected to the same WiFi Ethernet Bridge with the same cable works just fine. We've tried other WiFi Ethernet Bridges and found the same problem. I'm 99% sure the problem is with the NE64 and/or OpenTCP.

Has any one come across a similar problem and found a solution? Could this be because the device and software cut corners on the Ethernet spec?