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flash reprogramming thru the SCI

Discussion created by Stuart Schechter on Oct 6, 2006
Latest reply on Oct 10, 2006 by Stuart Schechter
I am using the MC9S08GT16 and have working/stable 'flash erase', 'flash byte' and 'flash burst' routines (thank you Technoman64 for the head start).

I am assembling a network of 1600 processors that are inaccessible once installed on location. I have an RS485 link to this network for command and control.

Has anyone had experience modularizing a section of code such that it could be replaced on the fly using the SCI interface (like a boot_loader that targets only parts of the code)?

For instance, I have an ISR that is triggered by the TPM comparator. It is less than 500 bytes so it could reside on a single flash page by itself. That way a bug fix could occur by replacing the ISR page. AND if I give all 1600 processors a common "bug fix" address, I could do the repair to all of the devices at once.

I know there can be a lot of pitfalls so I am hoping someone might have a few suggestions and recommendations.