Jim Mood

56F8300 (56F8322) Custom JTAG ISP

Discussion created by Jim Mood on Oct 6, 2006
Latest reply on Oct 13, 2006 by Daniel Malik
I'm looking for information on the commands used to program a 56F8322 over the JTAG bus.  The app note AN1973 for Production FLASH Programming techniques for the 56F8300 family references AN1935 which is the JTAG programming method for the 56F80x family.
There is a critical difference between the JTAG controller in the two families, that being that the JTAG instruction shift register is 8-bits in the 56F8300 family and 4-bits in the 56F80x family.  This means the instructions described in AN1935 won't work in my part. 
Where can I obtain the details on the programming instructions needed to program the 56F8322 over the JTAG bus?