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Coldfire: Obtaining details about the build process

Discussion created by Mark Butcher on Oct 6, 2006
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Hi all


I am using CW 6.3 for the Coldfire and have noted the following.
When the project is built there are windows which appear very briefly with some information about the compile and link steps but at the end - assuming no errors - everything disappears.


How is it possible to see what actually happened? Can the data which appears briefely in these windows be viewed later in a log file or something?


The reason is to be able to check on some details - paths used, flags used etc. The goal is to check the build process in the CW IDE environment with a command line build process. Presently this has not proved to be possible but I assume that the info is hanging around someweher (or can be activated) but the question is where and how???


Thanks for any help




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