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Discussion created by Jamie Hall on Oct 5, 2006
Latest reply on May 13, 2009 by CrasyCat
can anyone help me out??? i'm using v3.1 codewarrior and all i want to do is add a version string to rom...the linker, however, keeps deadstripping it...i've tried all i know to try with all the help manuals...any suggestions?

/**************** VERSION STRING ***************************************/

const char VERSION_STRING[20] =
{' ','x','x','x','x','x','x','x','x',' ','x','x',' ',
'v','1','.','0','.','0',' '};

this is the only reference to VERSION_STRING in the entire project...i've tried #pragma CONST_SEG and all kinds of other things to no avail...please help! thanks...