Doris Liu

MC9S12DG256BCFU(1K79X) upgraded to MC9S12DG256CFUE(0L01Y), set FSEC make application not running

Discussion created by Doris Liu on Oct 5, 2006
Latest reply on May 13, 2011 by srikanta prasad
When I burn my application into BCFU, whatever the Flash Security Bits are, my application has no problem. But when I burn into CFUE, if set to unsecured, no problem; if secured, then my application won't run. Does anyone has same problem when upgrade 256B to 256? How should I deal with it?
The Flash Security Bits, as the manual, 00, 01,11 are secured; 10 is unsecured. BUT indeed I found 00, 01 are secured, and 10, 11 are unsecured. And my application works on 10, 11. Why two bits are used for 2 options? What does the last bit stand for?
Thank you for your help!!