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MPC5554DEMO bd. using CodeWarrior 5.6.1

Discussion created by John Miklinevich on Oct 3, 2006
Latest reply on Oct 11, 2006 by John Miklinevich
Hi:  John here.
I have a new MPC5554DEMO board setup and am using the CodeWarrior compiler / Processor expert enabled. And the Lauterbach "Trace32 system" with it.  Also using Vector CANalyzer as a source of J1939 test frames. I have setup the bit timing according to the J1939 spec 3.14. If I deviate from the setup of the bit timing I do get errors as seen in the ESR register. I've also tried setting the Global mask to "don't cares" etc. I've also gone over the order in which this CAN chan. has to be inited.
 My problem is that I can not get the FlexCan2 Bus to accept messages. I have tried many iterations of the init
code and cannot make this puppy work.  
Anyone have suggestions or code that will init CANA to receive J1939 frames?