Robert Hilton

apparent Lite web server memory leak with M52233 demo board

Discussion created by Robert Hilton on Oct 3, 2006
Latest reply on Oct 3, 2006 by James Williams
Have been running the demo in the ajax_bargraph_demo directory. It seems to work OK intially, but I've been leaving it running for times not quite upto an hour and finding that the updates to the browser have ceased.
I've also been using the console memory command that seems to output the heap parameters among other things. The values for min and current start above 4000 and seem to gradually decline over time until the web server fails. The amounts listed when it has failed vary each time, sometimes still over 1000, sometimes actually what appear to be negative 32-bit values.
This is the code that was distributed at a seminar for this demo board back in 5/06. I'm wondering if there's an update or patch for this...