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I have a memory stick.This device will hold whatever files I record in to it.There is probably some firmware in this stick so that the computer can identify it as a memory stick and so on. Assembly tells the computer exactly what to do--step by step--zeros and ones--magnetic blips.I can unplug the memory stick and it will retain the files that I have recorded in to it.The memory stick is a voltage erasable ROM device.(think of audio tape)If I could not erase the memory stick it would be a ROM device.If I had a device that had a memory chip with assembly recorded in it and there were no provisions for erasing in the circuit it would be a ROM chip.A magnetic recording in a chip that could not be erased.In my microwave oven there is a such a ROM chip.Somebody has programmed the chip to be a function controller for a microwave oven.The assembly commands like START and STOP are tied to the pins of the chip.I see a software module system for the writing of this ROM program--like Synth Edit or Synth Maker.I see the BIOS and CPU as memory chips.I also see that the operating system is to be installed into the CPU.Assembly runs on its own.Microsoft in the end is assembly.You would have to access the ROM program level of the BIOS to do this.Once in the BIOS you would turn on the(fax) file filters and that would be the end of virus.250 ghz and higher is attained by correct ROM level BIOS control.The below link contains samples of my work.

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