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Coldfire: PEMicro Problems

Discussion created by Meghan Conrad on Oct 1, 2006
Latest reply on Oct 2, 2006 by Tom Thompson

Hi All-
I am running into an issue with the PEMicro. The error message I am getting is, PEMicroProtocolPlugin : Stop failed.


This only happens with certain startup code when initializing the 5329 hardware. I don't run into this same issue when I am using the example code from the freescale website, its found here />


and it is called MCF532XSC.ZIP. Using this code I never run into this problem. I am wondering if anyone has run into this issue and knows what the cause of it is. It only happens out of a hardreset.


The main difference in the startup sequence is not relying on any of the Metrowerks startup code. I create the vector table and jump into a user-defined startup function. In the user-defined startup code all the steps to initializing the hardware are identical.


Thanks and any help is certainly appreciated.

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