Tarun Thomas Abraham

MCF5282 Uart interrupts

Discussion created by Tarun Thomas Abraham on Sep 29, 2006
Latest reply on Aug 28, 2009 by Van Truong

we are using the MCF5282 on a custom designed board. We are using UART0 in interrupt driven mode. We face a problem where after some time of operation, no interrupts are generated for data in the receive buffer.

We are checking for the error status bits, and reinitializing in case of an error, but we find that the UART times out quite often, and has Overrun Errors / Stops generating interrupts as well..

Has anyone faced this issue.

Also, There was a statement about the Eval board for the MCF5282 from Freescale , the M5282EVB. Something about UART0 being disabled after some time ( something like a power save mode.. ) Can anyone throw some light on this ?