ADC to PWM with Proccesor Expert on HCS08AW60 DEMO board difficulty

Discussion created by DAVY BAKER on Sep 29, 2006
Latest reply on Oct 12, 2006 by DAVY BAKER
I am having luck with the QG8 but not the AW chip ( HCS08 family ), using Processor Expert.
The app simply changes the intensity of a LED based on a value off of the respective DEMO
boards pot, at least for the DEMO9S08QG8 board (but not the DEMO9S08AW60 ).
The heart of the logic, outside of PE's skeleton code, is:
void PWM1_OnEnd(void)
This project compiles without errors or warnings, but the visualization tool always shows
variables ADCValue and err to be 0 and the debugger gets stuck at: BRA  *+0 .
(On the QG8 this is not the case as it works great)
The AW's LED does light up, but the intensity stays constant - despite wiggling the potentiometer,
as the PWM1_OnEnd event handler seems to be gone through once.   However, this
intensity is always the same, regardless of the pot position at startup; so it seems the analog
voltage is never correctly retrieved.
I've included the project, which reflects my pin choices of the ATD (pot) on PTD0 and
the LED on PTF0, in the bean inspector.
My searches on the forum suggest that others are having issues with PE and the AW chip,
but I'm not clear if the vector and .prm workarounds would address this scenario as these
areas I am a newbie at.
Any suggestions, thoughts or advice is of interest.   Thank you for your time.