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Hi... I am having a strange problem.
I have a struct liks this
#define SIGNED8 char
#define UNSIGNED8 unsigned char
#define UNSIGNED16 unsigned int
#define SIGNED16 int
#define UNSIGNED32 unsigned long int
#define SIGNED32 long int
typedef struct
 UNSIGNED16 HeartBeatTime;
 UNSIGNED16 EmcyInhibitTime;
 UNSIGNED16 RPDO_Event_Time;
 UNSIGNED16 TPDO_Event_Time;
 UNSIGNED8 BaudRate;         // 0x2000
 UNSIGNED8 OperatingMode;    // 0x2001
 UNSIGNED16 PWM_FrequencyDiv;// 0x2002
 UNSIGNED16 P_Gain;          // 0x2003
 UNSIGNED32 AnalogOffset;    // 0x6431
 UNSIGNED32 AnalogGain;      // 0x6432
 UNSIGNED32 Serial;          // 0x1018,04
} ObjectDictionary;
My map file says that the size of obejct is 31 bytes, even though it is 35, and my program returns randomly very strange values(bug). When I change all UNSIGNED32 to UNSIGNED16 the program starts working correct, but map file doesnt change. What is wrong?
I am programming a HC08 with Freescale CodeWarrior v5.0.
Can you use variables of type long int with HC08?
thanks in advance Patrik


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