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Loading Code in the Paged RAM Area in S12XEP100

Question asked by Rahul Bakshi on Sep 26, 2006
Latest reply on Sep 28, 2006 by CrasyCat
My application code size is more than 8 KB. So full code is not getting allocated in the unpaged RAM region i.e. 0x2000 to 0x3FFF. So i tried to load the code in the Paged RAM region. I made appropiate changes in the prm file. I allocated DEFAULT_ROM to  But while debugging the code debugger window for C code is not getting updated (I mean not reflecting currently which part of code is running).
Prm file:
    CPU_ROM       = READ_ONLY     0x2100 TO   0x39FF;     CPU_RAM       = READ_WRITE    0x3A00 TO   0x3FAF;     RAM_FB        = READ_ONLY  0xFB1000 TO 0xFB1FFF;     RAM_FC        = READ_ONLY  0xFC1000 TO 0xFC1FFF;     RAM_FD        = READ_ONLY  0xFD1000 TO 0xFD1FFF;PLACEMENT     _PRESTART,                  STARTUP,                    ROM_VAR,                    STRINGS,                    VIRTUAL_TABLE_SEGMENT,    //.ostext,                    NON_BANKED,     COPY             INTO  CPU_ROM;                             DEFAULT_ROM       INTO  RAM_FD,RAM_FC,RAM_FB;                   DEFAULT_RAM       INTO  CPU_RAM;                              END

Please suggest some solution.

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