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Arbitrary Length Math with a 56F8013

Question asked by Giacomo Petrini on Sep 26, 2006
Latest reply on Sep 26, 2006 by Giacomo Petrini
for a program I'm doing I need to do some math with very large numbers.
Very large numbers means 64 bits (signed) variables.
Just to be clear: it is not my decision to use 64 bit variables.
The problem is, as I think you have understood, that the 56800/E can NOT use 64 bit variables, but "only" 32 bits.
So I need to split the 64 bit variable in 2 chucks of 32 bit each, and do the math (only + and - luckily) with these 32 bits chucks.
Now I'm wondering if exist some algorithm already implemented for the 56800/E that do this kind of math.
Or else I'll write it, but I've no uidea how to manage the overflow (and underflow) of the low chuck.

Thanks Bye Jack