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Errors on CODE WARRIOR headers Files

Discussion created by Paolo Vagnoni on Sep 26, 2006
Latest reply on Sep 26, 2006 by Alban Rampon
Hello all,
Working with the Code Warrior for the MCF52235 I find errors on the header file GPIO.H.
I listed this errors in another Thread but I have no reply in last 2 days. Is there someone in FREESCALE that is working on this bugs? It isn't my job but I hve to check or rewrite myself all headers file to start working better with this micro?
My check is complete on gpio.h file, I have only some question before attached in this thread:
In some ports we have up to 4 functionality for each pin, as described in Table 2-1 of the Reference Manual. In the bit definition for this register (PxxPAR) there are no mention on some of them. one example is:
/* Bit definitions and macros for MCF_GPIO_PNQPAR */#define MCF_GPIO_PNQPAR_PNQPAR1(x)     (((x)&0x0003)<<2)#define MCF_GPIO_PNQPAR_PNQPAR2(x)     (((x)&0x0003)<<4)#define MCF_GPIO_PNQPAR_PNQPAR3(x)     (((x)&0x0003)<<6)#define MCF_GPIO_PNQPAR_PNQPAR4(x)     (((x)&0x0003)<<8)#define MCF_GPIO_PNQPAR_PNQPAR5(x)     (((x)&0x0003)<<10)#define MCF_GPIO_PNQPAR_PNQPAR6(x)     (((x)&0x0003)<<12)#define MCF_GPIO_PNQPAR_PNQPAR7(x)     (((x)&0x0003)<<14)#define MCF_GPIO_PNQPAR_IRQ1_GPIO      (0x0000)#define MCF_GPIO_PNQPAR_IRQ2_GPIO      (0x0000)#define MCF_GPIO_PNQPAR_IRQ3_GPIO      (0x0000)#define MCF_GPIO_PNQPAR_IRQ4_GPIO      (0x0000)#define MCF_GPIO_PNQPAR_IRQ5_GPIO      (0x0000)#define MCF_GPIO_PNQPAR_IRQ6_GPIO      (0x0000)#define MCF_GPIO_PNQPAR_IRQ7_GPIO      (0x0000)#define MCF_GPIO_PNQPAR_IRQ1_IRQ1      (0x0004)#define MCF_GPIO_PNQPAR_IRQ2_IRQ2      (0x0010)#define MCF_GPIO_PNQPAR_IRQ3_IRQ3      (0x0040)#define MCF_GPIO_PNQPAR_IRQ4_IRQ4      (0x0100)#define MCF_GPIO_PNQPAR_IRQ5_IRQ5      (0x0400)#define MCF_GPIO_PNQPAR_IRQ6_IRQ6      (0x1000)#define MCF_GPIO_PNQPAR_IRQ7_IRQ7      (0x4000)#define MCF_GPIO_PNQPAR_IRQ1_SYNCA     (0x0008)#define MCF_GPIO_PNQPAR_IRQ1_PWM1      (0x000C)

Note that the last 2 rows are corrected because were wrong (were 0x8000 and 0xC000).
In table 2-1 I read that it could be respectively:
IRQ2    ---       FEC_RXD[3] PNQ[2]
IRQ3    ---       FEC_RXD[2] PNQ[3]
IRQ5    ---       FEC_RXD[1] PNQ[5]
IRQ6    ---       FEC_RXER   PNQ[6]

My question is: where are the Tertiary function definition for pins 2, 3, 5, and 6 ?
Note that this is also true for other QUAD FUNCTION PIN ASSIGNMENT REGISTER.