Peter Richter

Breakpoints problems with p&e multilink usb cable

Discussion created by Peter Richter on Sep 26, 2006
Latest reply on Sep 27, 2006 by Tom Thompson
I have a problems to set breakpoints with the new version of p&e multilink USB cable rev C that I have received with Codewarrior v 4.5.
I build up a new board with the 9S12XA512 on it. If I load down a small test code, the code runs and I can make e.g. changes in the registers, but I'm not able to set any breakpoints.
The context menu does not show "Set breakpoint". See Figure B in attachment.

When I load down a similar code to freescale demoboard 'DEMO9S12XDT512" all worked well.
See Figure A.

I assume that the integrated p&e interface on the freescale demobaord is similar as the p&e multilink usb cable.

So somebody can help me? Thank you.