Code Completion produces Unhandled Exception Error

Discussion created by PATRICK VIDONNE on Sep 25, 2006
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Hi all,

Please have a look at code snippet below : 


/* * File:  main.c * Purpose:  sample program * */typedef struct { int   value;} T_StructA;typedef struct {  T_StructA   *structA;} T_StructB;void funcA(void);void funcB(T_StructB *structB);void funcA(void){    T_StructA structA;  T_StructB this;  //Initialization    this.structA = &structA; (this.structA)->value = 0;  //Problem when typing call to funcB:  //When typing opening bracket, Code Completion produces Unhandled Exception Error  //This error does not occur when either :  // - Code Completion is disabled  // - "(this.structA)->value = 0;" is written "this.structA->value = 0;"  // - local variable "this" is renamed to any other name  funcB();}void funcB(T_StructB *structB) {  return;  }int main(){}


As explained in the comment Code Completion raises an unhandled exception error when typing the opening brace of call to funcB.
The error message is :
"CodeWarrior encountered an unhandled exception 0xc0000005 at address 0x02a5366a)
(The memory at address 0x00000004 could not be read)
Location : CPPPCodeCompletion.dll:0x1002366a
Chose 'Abort' to end the program, 'Retry' to debug, or 'Ignore' to continue (at your own risk !)"
When selecting 'Ignore' the execution continues normally, but it is painful because each time Code Completion is invoked the error message comes, whatever function call is typed.
Any already encountered this problem ?