Nafiton Smith

5329 + TFT : flicker problem

Discussion created by Nafiton Smith on Sep 25, 2006
Latest reply on Mar 19, 2007 by Luis Fischer
I connected a 640*480 TFT to a Cobra 5329 board. I have no image on screen with the original software, so we try with a test program. After a few tests, I went back to the original freescale driver values and I got the tft to work. But I have some flicker on the screen being the pixel clock frequency 7MHZ and the vertical refresh 14 Hz. I start to change the MCF_LCDC_LPCR_PCD value to get higher frequency but then the screen lose the synchronization and I am not able to adjust it.
I must be losing something with the registers but I can not find it. Somebody did it work with a similar TFT? Can you give me a hint on what to look for?
Thank you.