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What is the *.12P?   (Help)

Discussion created by Josh Chang on Sep 25, 2006
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I've got a very big problem...... I use this "MC68HC9S12DG128B" chip .The product "Cyclone Pro CD" ,I use the CD  program  to circuit board test .Result my circuit board can delay two minutes active!!!
I don't know why?  Please everybody help to talk me.Thanks.  I'm sorry .My English is not good.This is my first time to write English.     
What's the *.12p file?
exp file : NO1    Freescale_9S12DB128_1x16x1k_2k_EEPROM.12P
             NO2    Freescale_9S12DB128_1x16x64k_128k_Linear_16k_page.12P