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Generate Full Disassembly Listing in CW3.1 for HCS12

Question asked by C Mencsik on Sep 22, 2006
Latest reply on Sep 26, 2006 by C Mencsik
I am using CodeWarrior for HC(S)12 v.3.1 for Windows. I am trying to generate a full disassembly listing of my entire project that includes symbols.

I have opened the Decoder (decoder.exe) utility separately from the IDE and have been able to disassemble the .s19 file that is created when I compile. That disassembly does seem to be for the whole project; however, it doesn't have any debug information (i.e. the symbol names, etc.) in it. Is there a way to have the decoder generate this type of file with the extra debug information?

(Inside the IDE, I can click on any 1 .c file and right-click and pick "Disassemble". This produces a nice disassembly of that file, with symbols, but I'd like it for the whole project to aid in off-line debugging.)

Finally, I noticed that the Decoder can use .elf, .abs, and .lib files for input. Would any of these do what I want? If so, how do I have the IDE create these files when I compile?

Thanks in advance!
-- Greg