Yakov Shkolnik

Have CodeWarrior version 3.0 for HCS08, need to migrate to 9S08GT60A, which version to use!

Discussion created by Yakov Shkolnik on Sep 21, 2006
Latest reply on Oct 17, 2006 by Eduardo Guadagnini Dodo
I have a professional version of HCS08 CodeWarrior Version 3.0. Till now I had worked with Microcontroller 9S08GT32, and now I need to work with 9S08GT60A controller. 
1) What is the minimal version of CodeWarrior, I need to start working with this specific controller.
2) How can I upgrade mine present version 3.0 of the CodeWarrior to the new version.
3) How do I migrate the present project for 9S08GT32 to GT60A?
4) What service packs to upload as well for this target?
Thanks in advance